A few of you are OG followers and have been here since I had an internship at a studio three yeas ago, worked in retail two years ago, worked as an overnight concierge last year and now a movie theater usher and film feat intern (not that this will happen) BUT if I EVER lose sight of my humble beginnings ONLY you guys can give me a reality check ok?


Wait! At work tonight I told this one girl (she was in her late 20s) that she only had one ticket and not two for her bf and she basically said “we are not trying that girlfriend!” (Emphasis on the girlfriend)

And man I smiled it off but that was very sh*t white girls say to black girls

  • mom: Who was that sitting next to Jay Z and Blue at the awards? The babysitter?
  • me: Kelly Rowland?...

wasnt today that stop street harassment social media campaign?

where IF someone you “street harasses” you, you dont respond?

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there are quality young men in this city

i know they are out here


I really appreciate my guy friends.
They never dismiss me and make me feel like a “crazy chick” and they listen and give me honest advice, share their experiences and never play into the “friend zone” thing.

Kudos to them!

mom: maybe you should really watch what you post on fb and stuff, people might not want to work with an “activist”

me: ummm… i understand what you were saying but people werent hiring / referring me when i wasn’t being an activist these last few years

 it sucks to have these type of convos and discussions and i know and understand. 3 ppl have told me they are surprised at my “passion” in regards to recent events and i probably just threw myself into the “angry black woman protest pro black anti anyone who isnt black DOWN WITH THE MAN” category amongst my peers and my college professors but oh well… i can “clean up” my posts but they have been seen already… now everyone knows that im not just a nice face, with big hair, that draws cute things and likes cat videos (not that, that’s what they are gonna remember anyway)

seriously. if this is how we feel, i can’t even imagine what they’re going through.

exactly!!! im stressed but im here in the boonies of nyc. i can turn off my computer, the tv, the radio. walk outside and be removed from all this, take a break and gain of peace of mind but they cant… i really hope that mental health professionals are and have been making themselves available to help alleviate this

and we have barely even began to talk about the mental ramifications of all that is happening in Furgerson. about how people can be suffering from PTSD from all that they are experiencing. we can talk about mental health with depressed celebs, with our soldiers, with mass shooters and not act as if this isn’t traumatizing for those civilians

I won’t say that I expected some of the people I know who are not Black to speak about or share their compassion for Mike Brown, for Ferguson, for Black people in America. However, I have definitely noted those I know that LOVE using the N-word, who “are not racist cause they have Black friends”, or dated a Black guy/girl, who are “pro life” yet won’t stand with us in these moments. When we were fighting for Civial rights it wasn’t for Black people alone but FOR ALL PEOPLE. Yet my fellow people of color give off this vibe like “y’all on your own, this don’t involve us”.  

I do COMPLETELY appreciate those who have spoken up and expressed that this genocide against us should not be a reflection of this nation

im just kind of waiting to reach a certain point in my life where im doing what ive been working towards (and working at a studio) to do one of those “draw my life” videos… they are all really cool

so i started my part time gig today

working as an usher for an independent movie theater that screens a lot of classic movies and indie movies. this is a very humbling job to get into coming from being unemployed for like 8months….

there was this one “regular” that had on the really offensive shirt with obama bending over and some white man behind him and he was telling my new coworkers that we will not have social security thanks to obama and how the whole country is going to shit thanks to him

and then he saw me and said (not to me) “first bush, now obama, all we need is hillary to finish this off” and i was just like “wow…” they want to ban him from the theater and i overheard he is really racist so we will see… his movie was about to start so he didnt have much time to continue