I kid you not a fight almost broke out with this Spanish family and a black lady the second the plane pulled into the gate smh

In the airport

Vacation is over 😕
I don’t want to go back to buses and trains and the smelly streets of NYC 😭

Last night in Jamaica

And I’m sad 😕 we are going off the resort for a bit again with a local we befriended

I’m gonna miss this place, not that there aren’t mad Jamaicans in NYC lol but you know?

So being out here with my friend

we are feeling like we want to plan yeay vacations for our friends, girls getaways and coed trips.

Even trips within the stay cause why not? We are young!

It just sucks we all are in grad school, between jobs, jobless, but we can do this.

We rode horses today

Through a trail and in the water and it was beautiful BUT it was a lot for “down there” (TMI but it I was like 😳 lol)

Social media is good for interacting with indie artists and bands.

I went to jr high in the hood and it was a real culture shock. I learned that everyone didn’t refer to lotion as “cream” lmao #WestIndianNarrative

morning vent…

i dont like to keep things on my mind and on my heart that bother me. i was having one of those moments where i woke up and realized that even though i went to sleep good i woke up mad. After all these years my friend still brings up jokingly  my reaction to a “joke” he made and asked me last night “remember when you got pissed cause i made a comment about *body part*” but its the lack of his understanding of why his insensitive comments  triggered me to verbally lash out that still piss me off whenever he brings up the incident.

so if you’re on mobile sorry

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i realized i didnt want that caption under my art anymore, so its here instead…

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maybe sometimes i keep it too real with my friends

but im not gonna let you attend and proceed to invite me to your pity party

nor will i be your “yes man”… no no no

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Any of you see “The Tanning of America: One Nation Under Hip Hop”?

It’s been sitting in my dvr queue for a while and I just finished part one and wow! I need this on DVD.

This is should be aired again for Black Music Month.