im trying to be more open and more often

and im not sure if this will bite me in the ass later

but it feels very good to feel like im not standing in the shadows of who i think the other person thinks i am…

10 Things That Make Me Happy

tagged by the lovely evolvingessence

  1. cocolate
  2. animations/ cartoons
  3. my mom
  4. mis amigas
  5. chocolate
  6. music (my kind of music)
  7. art things/events/ spaces
  8. kids
  9. solitude
  10. myself (i should have been higher right? that’s interesting)

thanks  for the tag. gonna pass this on to cartouche-dreams rebellookingforacause pointeless-doodles shaniroti theresonatingchamber mrelisha26 mr-rager2

just gonna take this moment to say go me

i got emotionally overwhelmed

shed some tears

pulled my sh*t all the way together and updated my portfolio (and got some hits on it)

said “no” to something mrelisha26 would tell you has been stressin me all week (i felt obligated to do graphic design work for an individual that told me im a graphic design artist and i can do anything after i specifically told them im a 3d animator and an illustrator and not a graphic designer.)

and i feel better.

ive been saying no a lot this week but i need to say it earlier and understand that it really doesnt make me a bad person

cartouche-dreams i remember one time i was in my room for mad long and i swear my mom was waiting for me to come out to pass her the scissors and i was like “Really? how long you been trying to cut this wrapping paper? you really were waiting for me to come and walk right by it for you?” and with confidence she was like “yup”

doing a favor for an individual right?

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1. power off phone. 2. if doesn’t work, perform iCloud backup and iOS restore. 3. if issue persists, hopefully you’re still inside of limited hardware warranty cause if not idk what else to tell you. 4. more than likely this is software related.

wow, thank you.

fairy gardens are the coolest most magical things i have recently discovered

and when i have my on place and later kids we are going to make them

just look

as a late bday present my friend is taking me to see Cinderella on broadway tonight and im super excited.

shaniroti said my avi is fairy like, ive been drawing pixie and looking up fairy gardens and what really is more magical than these kind of shows?1

Jacob Lawrence and Romare Bearden  are really  two of my all time favorite artists. anytime i had to create artwork in a style of an artist, I would do work in their style. Now thinking I never even felt weird about it when I had to present my work for my classmates. When everyone was remaking Picasso, Van Gogh and  Matisse I was very proud to talk about how and why these artists were important to me. I’m happy that non of my art teachers shunned me for constantly writing and talking about the Harlem Renaissance as my favorite periods of art.

one of my fav pair of jeans is done

worn out in the inner thighs

so now do i make a skirt or  a bag with it?

Setting Boundaries & Saying No… Nicely

But the problem I frequently see with my time coaching clients is that their default response of, “Sure, I’ll get that to you by tomorrow,” leads to long-term negative consequences for themselves and others, such as:•    Handling small requests but putting off important projects

  • Turning in late or low-quality work
  • Doing other people’s work for them instead of properly delegating
  • Working extra hours so they can’t move forward on personal goals
  • Sacrificing sleep, exercise, and time with people they enjoy
  • Developing a reputation for being approachable but not reliable
  • Having people nag them about when they will get things done
  • Feeling overwhelmed, inadequate, guilty, frustrated, and resentful

Don’t misunderstand me: Doing your job well, having a willingness to serve, and acting like a team player are all awesome qualities. I’m not advocating slacking or never taking on extra assignments. But when you allow every request to divert your attention from your most important activities of the day, everyone ends up frustrated.

Fortunately, the solution to this huge challenge often involves a relatively small change in behavior: Thinking through and practicing how to say, “No,” or, “Not now,” nicely.

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i think one thing that goes overlooked when girls and women take supplements for hair growth is that… if it says “promotes hair growth” it is not exclusivly talking about the hair on your head. when I looked up reviews on biotin and hairfinity on youtube besides other side effects (acne) girls were talking about an increase of hair growth in general. so granted it depends on the individual but still it only makes sense that hair growth would increase in every place that hair grows on your body…

ATL: The Untold Story of Atlanta’s Rise in the Rap Game

I am a COMPLETE sucker for hip hop/ rap docs. I never even realized until this documentary (currently on VH1) that Atlanta is so often disregarded. Every documentary specifically recaps the same East coast West coast stories but it is refreshing to learn and be reminded of other influences.

I think outside of animation history, the history of black artists (specifically visual artists and music artists) is my favorite