I turn 25 in 4 months and I completely understand whole pity party. datebynumbers response to that ask was much needed.

the main reason i dont like job interviews for positions are not related to a creative field is because they ALWAYS ask questions to see if you can think out of the box and when I answer they realize that i dont think ANYWHERE NEAR their damn box and im sure they’re like “yeah, she’s a no"… its actually really annoying

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What are some ways you can honor a deceased love one on their birthday?



i actually would really appreciate suggestions.

It can be something personal or a big thing. For my moms birthday we do a family cookout/grave visit. Did my brother I drink a Heineken, even though I hate them, because that was his favorite beer. I crack inside jokes on his Facebook wall…anything you decide to do is okay. It’s all apart of healing.

thanks for sharing… my dad passed 5 yrs ago and ive never been to his grave (military funerals dont actually let you see the burial)… yesterday was his birthday and my mom and i didnt speak about it… we never call my grandma or my aunts… literally EVERYONE acts like its just another day…its awful… THUS why ive decided to go back to grief counseling… and my therapist suggested i release a balloon or more for him but… it was easier to pretend yesterday was just another saturday :(

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i wanted to be a cheerleader in high school but I REALLY couldnt get over how short the skirts were and i didnt join track cause the girls shorts were also shorter then they needed to be

Also I’ve been really happy for like a month and that’s with life throwing curve balls and being so unnecessary at times…

Not much about life has changed… If anything someone could say it has gotten worse for me but it doesn’t feel like it. Not at all… It’s weird.

Drunk in Love, Blue, Grown Woman

tw: grief

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Another random observation…
Since starting this Spanish class I’ve been having dreams in Spanish and I have no idea what I or the other ppl in my dreams are saying lol it’s a little bizarre

Is havin ammonia in your house (apart of your cleaning supplies) a Hispanic thing or West Indian or both or more?

The same for mistolin? Cause my mom is West Indian and Latina and every time I talk with friends about “things our parents do/say” I’m reminded I was raised in a “confused” household lol

im going to scream!!

why wont my family understand i dont want to be a damn teacher

i dont want to be an art teacher for the board of education

i dont want to be a substitute teacher

i dont want to study and take tests to be a teacher


with all do respect to teachers at this point in my life i dont want to be a teacher…