ive been through the fast food/ retail life from the bottom up and as much as it was humbling I don’t wanna go back to that. Unless its for a places like Barney’s or even Aldo or something idk.

*continues about retail experience*

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soooo people have been discovering my work via the interweb

opportunities are rolling in and i wanna say yes and help everyone


i even have to back out of one project because i didnt really understand what was needed from me

I have this “The Best or the Oprah Show” episode that has been sitting in my dvr for weeks and of course it’s about Maya Angelou and Oprah :(

i feel like donald glover and i could be really cool

like we will sit on the floor (hard wood) in his spot or his friend’s and he will just explain the comic book universe(s) to me and i will try my best to understand and retain the info but i’d probably just be distracted seeing how excited and engaged he is

Face Character Physical Requirements


Face Characters

Princess Dress Sizes: These vary from park to park, but the typical range is 2-12.

Tattoos: Visible tattoos are not allowed for any look-alike role. This includes ankles, wrists, arms, neckline, shoulder, in addition to any other visible tattoo. Unfortunately, tattoos covered with makeup are not allowed.

Disney Princesses
5’3” - 5’7” including Cinderella, Aurora, Belle, Ariel, Snow White, and Jasmine
5’2” - 5’6” Mulan
5’4” - 5’7” Rapunzel
5’4 - 5’6” Merida
5’5” - 5’8” Tiana

so according to this im 3 inches too short and have a tattoo that would have to be covered up by makeup

idc they cant stop me!!

Why did Nickelodeon stop game shows? They can bring back Wild N Crazy Kids or Global Guys or Legends of The Hidden Temple.

The can even bring back Double Dare or Figure It Out if they wanted to.

Or you know, create new programming.

What the heck are kids/preteens even watching?

the life long dream is to be aligned with a group of people who want to produce Happily Ever After-esque programming and content as bad as i do

i can talk about cartoons and animation forever

and i get really passionate about it but i dont on tumblr cause

  • the disney/cartoon side get too hurt too easily
  • they like the beliebers comin into your ask box spewing nonsense

im completely good with that

#postive tumbl’n in these streets

Happily Ever After Fairy Tales for Every Child

what an underrated collection of fairy tales starring POC characters that stayed true to the fairy tale story lines while operating within the characters’ respective cultural context… simply beautiful

i need the DVD set

I’m very happy that overalls are coming back around because I have a pair from like 5th grade that I can still pull off

(This post was inspired by simbamane's selfie)

I promise to start gettin my life tomorrow. I may have been a little too carefree this week :(

Tumblr Appreciation Post!


This is a big, big shout out to some of my favorite Tumblr blogs. I Love all my followers. But these guys stand out more ways then one for me.

















At some point or another these blogs have made me feel a range of emotion. From Happy to sympathetic, Angry to laughter, prudish to willing, and to absent minded to critical thinker. Some of the blogs I follow are a little risque, but if you’re queer like me you appreciate them a whole lot:)

amazelife: Black feminism at its finest. Enough said.

impeccable-taste: Sophisticated isn’t the word to describe the worth of this blog. A lot of good looking men to see here and very good art as well.

america-wakiewakie: This blog is very informative. Topics range from government, to analysis of our pop culture.

knowledgeequalsblackpower: I’m black, and this blog reminds me that racism is just as prevalent as is was way back back when. This Tumblr is just as informative as america-wakiewakie.

tainy: If you aren’t a deep person or a hopeless romantic after you visit her blog, you have no heart. There are no disputes about that.

itsayanii: This lady loves her Footballers, soccer players that is. Shes from Australia and has an amazing blog. She post some of the most beautiful men and women’s fashion on the net, and an overall positive blog.

doriangrayblog: Remember when I said that someone of the blogs I follow are a bit risque? This is one of them:) But I usually only reblog the clothed men on this Tumblr I swear!

clutchingawesome: This is a environmental/queer blog. You get everything, from beautiful waterfalls to men drenched in water:)

kararikue: I have learned a lot about Latin femme queer culture from following this blog. He has opened my mind to another perspective of gay culture.

hippie-from-nepal: This blog is very earthy in a “We Are the World” type of way. He has been unresponsive to me lately:( But I still love his blog enough to mention him here. He’s not too bad to look at either. He’s straight so if he’s single and available ladies have at em.

homosuccubus: One of the first Tumblr users to ever follow me. Nothing but randomness comes from him. And I wouldn’t have it any other way:) He post his own photos of himself and I believe he’s handsome. Hes also exposed me to a lot of music that is geared toward queer culture, which I have been enjoying.

dildosandglitter: You would think the name of this Tumblr says it all, but it doesn’t. always gives good photos and gifs that will make you laugh or smile. Very similar to kararikue tumblr, but just as awesome!

ketamine-dream: Post a lot of random gifs and photo sets, but to addicting not reblog them. He also supports Palestine which is enough to win my heart over.

americanhomo: A little bit Beyonce’ obsessed, but I don’t mind. I reblog for all the hot men showcased on this Tumblr!

vegan-veins: I have learned a whole lot about veganism from this Tumblr blog. One of faves for sure. There are great pictures of animals here and gives an accurate depiction of what vegan meals look like.

thinksquad: By far one of the best anarchist blogs out there on Tumblr. I love this tumblr because of the real genuine news he delivers. Love the philosophy that comes from the personal post. One of the reasons I have the world views I have now.

Hope You All Have a Great Memorial Day Weekend!


AWWW!!! <33 thank you :) have a great weekend too

adult life venting…

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