so i started my part time gig today

working as an usher for an independent movie theater that screens a lot of classic movies and indie movies. this is a very humbling job to get into coming from being unemployed for like 8months….

there was this one “regular” that had on the really offensive shirt with obama bending over and some white man behind him and he was telling my new coworkers that we will not have social security thanks to obama and how the whole country is going to shit thanks to him

and then he saw me and said (not to me) “first bush, now obama, all we need is hillary to finish this off” and i was just like “wow…” they want to ban him from the theater and i overheard he is really racist so we will see… his movie was about to start so he didnt have much time to continue

So I’m at this natural hair event…

Big surprise right? They have waiters walking around with little snack things. I see this waiter come around with a salmon thing and I’m like cool ima step out my comfort zone and get some of the raw salmon on a mini pancake thing. I tell my friend that it has a weird aftertaste and she says “yea that’s probably the caviar”

Y’all I almost fell out! That was NOT my intention!

today’s lesson…

what you want is RIGHT outside of your comfort zone

I was very anxious and nervous and i had to listen to flawless and electric lady to hold on to my confidence BUT i put myself out there and I was received positively and im being vague but it doesnt matter cause this lesson is universal. whatever happens from here  is whatever but im super proud of myself for this small victory. it is a reminder that 1. things are not always that serious nor do they have to be and 2. i really can do whatever i want as long as i honestly make an effort to do so

i really dont get (i mean i do but i dont) why animation companies make  the SAME movies over and over, sequel after sequel and then get mad when they don’t perform as well as the did when they first came out or as well as the first movie.

they are constantly trading in taking a risk in being innovative and creative and giving younger (and i mean people in their 30s and late 20s) actual chances.

we have cars, cars 2, planes and planes2 which are all essentially the same thing. then they recreate Alvin and the chipmunks, the smurfs, yogi bear etc and lets not even get into the Madagascar movies…

i just believe that we can return to having more quality or quantity with animation if these studies can stop putting ticket, dvd sales, marketing strategies, BEFORE creating something substantial.

not that i think you guys dont believe me

but when i tell y’all that im here for you and to like text me or email me i mean it

you are not bothering me

im not annoyed

we can all relate to not feeling like we have someone that will just listen and hear us out. we may not always need advice and that’s why i ask if that’s what friends etc want from me BUT all that aside

I’m completely here for you guys

hey girl hey


can y’all just take a minute to stop scrolling, bow your head, and thank real nigga jesus for blessing the planet with this woman Mo? Amen.

like foreal, i’ve been planning this NYC trip for like 2 years?? Just to meet your ass. And, you know, to finally be in NYC but mostly cause of you. Life ain’t always easy and you understand that and take it in stride. Like yeah you have frustration but it never seems to keep you down. ALSO CAN WE TALK ABOUT HOW YOU ARE FOLLOWING YOUR DREAMS WITH YOUR ART?! Cause girl you’ve got forreal talent. I can’t even wait to see where you end up (hopefully in LA with me so we can chill on the beach ha). Also even tho you never know what to say when I was upset, just knowing you would say :( or *hugs* made me smile cause I know you cared. You are a honest, loving, wonderful being of gorgeous beauty and I cannot wait to meet you in 30 days :D 

have we been knowin each other for that long already? it doesnt seem so but then it feel like more then that right?

I like how you said i never know what to say LMAO its so true. i just want you to know you are heard or seen or whatever

man #WorstBehavior when you get here for real <3

IF I had to become a teacher

i’d be a history of animation teacher… and i dont even like history

but as usual with the way history is taught in general A LOT of things are left out  and we mainly learn pre WWI/ WWII stuff then strictly the rise of disney and how people left disney to create other stuff which basically is so similar to disney people dont know the difference

they rarely talk about animation as a global medium and source of entertainment and storytelling outside of western societies AND if they do its just a scratch of the surface

since im in a headspace right now, idk this could be triggering

its about being called a b*tch soooo idk im tryna look out for you

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man i got called “sassy” by my professor in college in front of my class and it was incredibly awkward for me, everyone was laughing except for my closest friend in that class (a white girl)… it just didnt make sense us

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[LATE] Birthday Playlist

slimmcharles decided to be extra awesome and create a playlist as a bday gift and im overwhelmed seeing the amount of songs.

thank you very much!! this was very kind of you and i bet it took a while and i bet you were really paying attention to the song selection

im so excited to listen to this

i cant say that i enjoy flying

but there are so many places i wanna go

places i need to go to

For the record

I can completely understand how Stella got her groove back now…
Between the chivalry and the accents, I feel you Stella!