my cousins used to throw the kind of house parties you’d see in movies every time my uncle went away for the weekend…

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I didn’t get the job in a children’s museum AND I’m not sad about it cause I know if I wasn’t going to school on Sundays I would’ve had it.

I’m trying to do EVERYTHING I can to NOT go back to retail….art/creative jobs only!

I will receive what is for me and until then…on to the next one!

 ymehcuotrac is one of the main reasons i stayed on tumblr after i joined…. back when i didnt understand what this site was all about

she is how i found some of your blogs and she helped me to be a little more personal on here then one day she just stopped comin on tumblr and i was sad. it was ok tho ONLY cause i HAD to talk to more of you… i wasnt about to be here by my lonesome

it feels like there is a mental block whenever i try to draw faces on an angle

the face always come out looking flat

and the thing i can look at all the tutorials and recreate whatever but when i have to draw on my own… FLATFACE!  T_T

Why Slam Poetry Is Cool, Especially In New York

i LOVE poetry slams!

Victor Cruz was just being interviewed on the news and I screamed like one of those belieber girls… What is happening to me?

ive been having a moment since sunday

i was trying to not speak about it until some of the content was uploaded to here but i cant.

intrinsicintentions brother put on an artist showcase of poets, musicians, dancers and visual artists and it was SUPER inspiring to see everyone express themselves AND to see how certain artists have grown since the last time ive seen them perform

So since Sunday ive been doing an inventory of my friends and acquaintances and I’m really proud of how everyone is steady moving in the direction of their dreams, even if they gotta take baby steps and despite adversity they keep going. I’m proud to know and have access to their light.

Im surrounded and connected to so much goodness  and I’m trying to acknowledge those same people (verbally) as often as i can

i though about my other post and i wanna clean it up a little…

i can see a dude being honest about his sexual health “in the moment” if he values and respects himself and/or the other person”

my previous comment just speaks to the lame dudes ive met that lied about the simplest things so much so that i’d imagine they would lie about something like this

so yea…

semi random blurb

idk man… it really isnt enough to just ask someone if they have a disease or not and ESPECIALLY if y’all are  caught up in “the moment”…

i cant even imagine a dude sayin “yes, i do” if it were about to go down.

hearin/ reading stories about people knowingly spreading STDs and STIs makes me super paranoid.

and you can say “wait for marriage” all you want but you dont know someone until you know them.

a lady once shared with the youth group at my church that she waited for her husband (that she met in her late teens and married in her 20s) and one day he told her she had to get tested cause he had HIV. that’s f*cked up.

UGH!!!! men!!! and people!!!


omg guys there are two different Black women from Tumblr here with me and we’re all on the same row at the Black women in comics panel at the festival THIS IS AMAZING

I wish I saw this when you posted!!!

story time

so today i went to the Black Comic Book Festival in Harlem and im sittin the the audience with my friends waiting for the panel about “Black Women in Comics” to start when all of a sudden I hear some chick laughin MAD hard and MAD loud.

i look over to my right like “who da heck is being so loud!” and you know who it was sittin like 3 chairs over?

magnacarterholygrail!!! LOL it was so funny because her face was priceless when she saw me…and i gave her a big ol’ hug cause she is Naia and why wouldn’t you?

i didnt even know she was  gonna be there

and that’s how Naia contributed to my day of Black Excellence :)

black tumblr is small and black tumblr in NYC is even smaller lol i bet we cross each other’s paths more often than not

ive been kinda really low key on social media lately… i had to really focus on things

BUT I have great news to share

first is that i got an internship with an children’s film festival!

(its unpaid and part time but seems REALLY promising)

second is i got into college! (again) going for my BA in Spanish

i never saw myself going back to school especially with the amount of student debt I have BUT I see this as an opportunity to gain a real command of the language. North American and European countries are not the only ones making cartoons and entertainment for children. I can do study abroad programs and really get my feet wet and more understanding this part of my culture.

so there it is… I’m an intern and a 2nd time college student >.<