ok so feliciashanay and simbamane coming to nyc to love me

and khalgigi might be comin back

i still need yanitosuavecito and issuedinmay to visit me

and the lovely themianikole too

and elusivelyshani will have to make a trip down to chill in a park and idk eat fruits or something lol

okay i dont know you but i saw the picture you created about losing your brother and i wanted to say i'm sorry for your loss. i'm proud of you for understanding that you must forgive yourself. youre a strong woman and very inspiring. i will keep you in my prayers. sending positive vibes your way on your journey to inner peace.

thank you anon. ive had help in forgiving myself, i sought out grief counseling and i have an awesome support system of friends, some which i can talk about grief with more than others.

all positive vibes are deff appreciated and i must add my journey to inner peace has been so beautiful, including the difficult moments 

im happy to be on this journey now than many many years from now ya know?

I’m going to sleep really happy that I finally got my life and have new art to share #JesusBeConcealer

so my good news from yesterday was that i passed my freakin road test!!! image

i had/ am having a really awesome day.

im so thankful for the people around me and their support

i have cried happy tears like 3x already and im like “what has happened to me?!” cause i never used to have such emotional responses to things

but i had a moment where I was like “i need to cut myself some slack” (a little) im doing the best with what i have right now and i know the Universe/God is working with me as much as i feel like im a hamster running on the wheel of life im probably more like a little turtle getting back to the ocean or something… idk but like im saving this for the next time i get bummed out i can remember this feeling

I met bluishtigers last night
And she is super cute

So I’m sitting outside the mall waiting for my aunt and my cousin and about 45 mins into waiting a car pulls up and honks and the back window rolls down and the teenage boy yells “get off the phone” so I’m like “oh I didn’t know both my cousins were coming” and I start walking to to the car and I’m like 3ft away when I notice he has his hands up like “stop” and I’m like… “That’s not my cousin, that’s not my aunt driving” and then I realize I don’t even know what their car looks like! LMAO!!! I couldn’t even play that crap off. I went right back to the bench and sat and laughed to myself and I looked up and saw the boys were laughing too! Lmao! Poor me.



bluishtigers replied to your post: “Although your skill set and work expe…

ah this is my life right now. i totally get you. and it’s so weird. i’m just trying to be patient and do what i can. but not knowing for how this will go on is kinda crazy and terrifying sometimes.

yea and like this has been life for almost 3yrs… i know my experience may make me seem over the place but when i break it down it makes sense to my journey but its like “WHY WONT SOMEONE TAKE A CHANCE ON ME?!” (a paid chance)… Jesus be your/our support system! and im a little sad cause this place was so interesting and exciting and i could actually see myself working there, with children and giving workshops about cameras and animations and technology and it just feels like a big ol’ “Nope”


that’s exactly how i feel. it’s so discouraging not getting those jobs that seem so interesting and fitting. i also have random experience, but i do think it ties together. and all this time wanting this and waiting has actually made me look forward to waking up early and doing the work thing. like i actually have all this pent up energy, and i’m dying to use in my work thing. i keep myself busy with projects, but i think that having things that are outside of myself (and gimme money) would be really good for me right now. so hell yeah, i think we need to get the chance soon. i demand it

not so random blurb but…

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Although your skill set and work experience are impressive, we have offered the position to a candidate who is a closer match for the position

Like I’m so over looking for a job right now. Since January I have been getting emails like this….

I love your art. Any tips for a really new beginner? Thank you.


yo this is hella flattering. thank you! for a second this question was really overwhelming but my teacherness will kick in with these tips.

  • Everyone can draw and art is subjective. Let’s get that straight. Art is a combination of skill and creativity (and other things) and those 2 balance out in different ways. 
  • Be kind to yourself and have the courage to make ‘mistakes’
  • If you’re starting out, take 5, 10, 20 minutes and a pick something(s) to draw. Practice discipline. You can even draw the same thing twice. one day draw it for 10 minutes and then the next, Draw it for 30 minutes. There are ways of seeing and with some discipline, you’ll push yourself to see more than you had before.
  • Stay away from drawing from photos UNLESS it’s upside down. That’s a really great exercise to really see lines and light. I’ve done that with 5 year olds to 15 year olds.
  • You could study the principles and elements of art and design and that’s fine. But that’s academic and isn’t for everyone. Go to museums and galleries and critique art beyond “i like it.” Figure out what you like/dislike and why. Not only will going to museums and galleries keep you informed of the vast art world, but it will help steer you in your own creative direction. 
  • When you create, use different mediums.
  • Keep your head up. No really. Try not to look down at the page at what you’re drawing. Learn to trust what you see and make a mark.
  • Also, draw with a pen so you can’t erase. 
  • Watch different youtube tutorials. sometimes you just need a demonstrate with that explanation. 

This is hard. Can any of you chime in with any advice? 
amazelife foxxyleopatra feliciashanay

Well you already said a lot of good things. Like drawing from a pic upside down, I’m going to try that, but anyway…

Some tips

  • I think for a “beginner” or someone that has decided they want to get into drawing (or any art form) draw and create things that you like first. Being an artist we get frustrated a lot and there is a lot of not so nice things we say to ourselves  as a result of that frustration. The least you can do right now is to draw the things you like and create that “when I draw I am happy/ I like what I create it makes me happy” kind of relationship with your mind. This is how we were when we were kids right? Why not get that feeling back so that when you do start growing and stepping outside of your “norm” and your comfort zone you can refer back to those positive moments and be like "right, i can draw/ create, I like to draw/create and although this is getting on my nerves, I know when I’m done I’ll be proud of myself like before" ( and maybe you will be proud just because you finished it not that you like how it turned out lol who knows)
  • kind of piggy backing off of that is you can practice by copying NOT TRACING. but actually breaking down something you see and building it back up again. I’m pretty good at mimicking other styles and through that I kind of fumbled (and am still fumbling) into my own style. I say take this tip with a grain of salt and dont let copying become a crutch for you
  • I know people say draw every day and stuff but like charting off dont put that much pressure on yourself. I’m big on not setting yourself up to guilt trip yourself ya know? so instead set something kind of reasonable like draw 3x a week and since there are 7 days in a week you can meet and surpass this and give yourself a pat on the back and a hug. soon enough you will be drawing every day or whenever or not
  • no but seriously dont put that much pressure on yourself in general. that’s it… dont try and compare yourself too often (but rather not at all) to other artists we are all in a lane of our own and our journeys may have similarities but they are not comparable.
  • be careful who you share your work with and not on some “omg they gonna steal it” but surround yourself with people that will not only tell you that “it’s nice” but can give you a good critique if you desire one and also if you didn’t ask for one. You will learn how to check your feelings and check people. You will learn how to take what is constructive and discard what isnt
  • its ok to not finish something if it isnt working or you just dont want to do it anymore… i drag on work because im like “i started this i gotta finish” but then its like 15 months later and its still there. Maybe we can return to unfinished things later and complete them but its ok to just stop, and this may conflict with being “disciplined” as Ashley stated but then I think there is a discipline in knowing when you are no longer contributing to what you are working on and the fact that you are just doing it to finish
  • I guess im more of the feeling side of this art advice post.
  • also here is Felicia’s advice [x]

Also thanks for the tag!